Fraxel Re:pair Vs. Fraxel Re:store for Reducing Large Pores?

Hello, I am a 26 year-old woman with very fair skin (Irish). I have enlarged pores all over my cheeks, nose, and forehead (I struggled with acne/oily skin in my teens and early 20's). fortunatly, my skin is clear now and I don't have any acne scars - just VERY large pores. I saw a dermatologist last week who recommended I have the Fraxel Re:Store procedure (He doesn't offer the Re:Pair). After reading some posts on this site, I am wondering if the Re:Pair procedure might be a better option. Or would it be too....intense? I live in Raleigh, NC and both the Re:Store and Re:pair are offered in the area, so it will just be a matter of whichever will give me the best results. Please advise! thanks, Lexi

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Fraxel Re:pair for pore size is too aggressive

Talk about going after a fly with a shotgun! Re:pair is far too aggressive to reduce pore size.

In my experience, Fraxel Re:store is the best, with Intense Pulsed Light second. I have also seen nice pore reduction with a light chemical peel series or SilkPeel. All results are temporary, however, so please do these if another problem can also be addressed (fine lines for Re:store, brown and red spots for IPL, etc) in order to get your money's worth.

If you just have large pores and no other problems, aggressive topical presciption retinoids like tazarotene may be your wisest choice.

New Orleans Dermatologist
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Fraxel Re:Store Can Smooth Over Large Pores

While Fraxel Re:Pair CO2 laser is the treatment of choice for patients who have significant acne scarring or deep wrinkles, it may be too intense if your only concern is large pores. Fraxel Re:Store is gentler and can even out skin texture over time. You will need repeated sessions, but the procedure requires no downtime. Make an appointment with a board-certified dermatologist to understand more about how to get the quality of skin you desire.

William Groff, DO
San Diego Dermatologist
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Fraxel Re:store best for pores

If your main concern is the size of your pores, Fraxel Re: store is the best choice. Fraxel Re:pair is more aggressive and treats severe conditions, such as bad acne scars, pigmentation and deep wrinkles. Large pores can also be reduced with the help of chemical peels, IPL, and Obagi Nuderm system.

Gregory Turowski, MD, PhD, FACS
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Large pores are actually best treated by IPL (intense...

Large pores are actually best treated by IPL (intense pulsed light) treatment.

Fraxel re:pair may give slight improved results, but IPL is the best treatment for pore reduction.

Neil Sadick, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Fraxel may not address pore size

Not all patients respond to either laser for pore size. Some do very well with either and the decision is based more on the overall photodamage or acne scar depth.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Both will work, but re:pair is overkill

I have seen improvements with the Fraxel re:pair for pore size which are dramatic, but if you don't need all the other improvements (pigment, scarring, tightening, texture), then stick with something that is less expensive and less downtime like the re:store, Lux 1540, or IPL.

Steve Weiner, MD Facial Plastic Surgeon, Destin, Florida

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Fraxel and skin pores.

This video covers all the questions regarding pore size.

I choose a particular laser based upon the size of the pore, skin type of the patient, and expectations.

I find that the most reliable method is with INFINI RF, micron needling using energy. This beats all my Fraxel lasers and chemical peel techniques. Very little downtime, and it is ideal for small to medium size pores. RePair is a good Fraxel laser for certain applications, but I would in this situation go for the Re Store but use the 1927 setting in a high density mode. (explained in video)

Chemical peels such as TCA (70-100%) placed focally in the pores is an excellent treatment for large pores.

Pore size reduction treatments should be tailored according to the patient IMO.

Dr Davin Lim
Laser and aesthetic dermatologist
Brisbane, Australia.

Davin Lim, MBBS, FACD
Brisbane Dermatologist
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