Red Bumps on Forehead After Fraxel Re:pair

I had Fraxel Re:pair exactly three weeks ago, and my skin was healing beautifully until 2 days ago. I developed really small tiny red bumps all over my forehead. I have been using SPF and my sun protectant hat, but I don't know what could have caused this, if it's normal, and when I should expect it to go away. I asked my doctor, but all I got was, "You can come in if you want." It's typically hard for me to just get up and leave work, etc. Any feedback, please?

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After any resurfacing laser, your skin is more sensitive to topical creams and meds

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After undergoing laser surfacing, such as the Fraxel re:pair, your skin will be much more sensitive to topicals than it was before, for several weeks. Even if you did fine with the same topical before, you can still have a reaction to it. You need to stay on very bland creams, which don't contain much fragrance or additives. Stopping your current regime will probably cure the issue you describe.

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