Fraxel Repair for Correcting Wrinkles from Retin-A?

I'm a young female who had a horrible experience with Retin-A. Others tell me it's not possible, but I assure you it is, because it happened to me. I put Retin-A on my face, chest, and neck at night, as I started breaking out there. The next morning, I woke up and saw wrinkles on my chest and neck. I know these were not there before. It has been two months, but they're still there, and they seem to be permanent. I called a laser center where I live and asked if anything could help, and I was told that Fraxel Repair would, although I may need more than one treatment. Is this true?

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You are about to get fleeced by this so called 'laser center'. Go to a dermatologist

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What you are saying is absolutely not possible. You probably just need to go to a dermatologist or you are going to end up really in a mess of a situation once this so called 'laser center' gets through with you. Not only will you have more problems (and probably scars), but they will have relieved you of your money for a procedure that was totally unnecessary.

Retin A doesn't cause the type of wrinkle that is responsive to Fraxel. If you had them before the Retin A, that would be one story, but you didn't so the laser center should have picked up on that. Unfortunately, they are more interested in making the payment for their rent and lasers than treating you ethically. Sorry.

Fraxel repair does tighten skin

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 Fraxel repair will tighten skin and smooth out crepey fine lines or wrinkles. Typically only one treatment is necessary, though. Fraxel restore requires multiple treatments and is less likely to tighten the skin than the repair.


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