Fraxel Repair for Acne Red Marks?

I have acne for 3 years, but my biggest problem is the red marks, i've got probally only 2 pimples on my face and the rest is red marks, i'm using Tri-luma for 16 days and I've seen a improvement, but I want quicker results! So could I have fraxel repair only on my cheeck(where the red marks are)? would one treatment be enough? how much would cost around washington DC area? I need to get rid of them in one mounth, because I'm going on family vacations!!!

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The Fraxel Repair Laser is not the best laser for red acne scars.

The redness in red acne scars is caused by dilated blood vessels and is called post inflammatory erythema.  This is best treated with IPL or a pulsed dye laser.

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