Fraxel Re:pair Dual vs. TCA Cross for Boxcar Scars

I have boxcar scars similar to those in the attached picture. I have undergone 6 TCA cross treatments. First treatment yielded amazing results, with decreasing efficacy with each successive treatment. 1. Why has the effectiveness of the TCA cross treatments decreased? Is it because the remaining scar tissue is too deep? What is the penetration depth of TCA cross? 2. Fraxel repair has a penetration depth of ~1.6mm. Would Fraxel Re:Pair Dual reach the scar tissue that TCA cross could not?

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Laser for Boxcar Scars

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For treatment of deep scars I recommend a series of punch excisions followed by fraxinel re:store or re:pair. THen surgical scars can be removed and any possible lines from suturing will be blurred from the use of the lasers.

New York Dermatologic Surgeon

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