CO2 Fractional Laser Different from Fraxel Repair?

Is there a diference in Fraxel Repair and CO2 Fractional laser? I mean, is any other CO2 Fractional as good too? Will I have the same result? I live in Mexico and can't find who does Fraxel Repair, but can for CO2 Fractional. Do you recommend it? Or should I wait? Thank you.

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A Fraxel treatment won't tighten skin the same way as standard ablative treatment

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You bring up a good topic. Initially, a company developed a delivery device - Fraxel - that did micro-ablation.

The topic became "hot" and now many companies provide a micro-ablative product. The two current energy wavelengths are erbium and CO2. Both can provide a good result in the right hands. The goal is to provide a shorter recovery which is correct. However, a single "fraxel" treatment does not provide the same type of skin tightening that a standard "ablative" treatment can with either wavelength.

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