Fraxel Re:pair for Dents, Marionette Lines, and Glabellar Lines?

Can Fraxel re:pair get rid of cheek dents, marionette lines, and glabellar lines in a 38-year-old? They are just coming in and fillers work for a short time, but I have laxity all over the face that could be improved as well. If I am planning to lose 20 pounds, should I do that first? Thanks!

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Fraxel re:pair can improve, but not get rid of these problems

The Fraxel Repair Laser is an excellent fractional CO2 laser that can dramatically improve photo damaged skin color, tone and improve fine lines. It is not going to get rid of marionette lines (fillers would work much better). The glabella lines are cause by the repeated pull of the muscles under the skin. No laser penetrates that deeply so you would be better served with Botox. The Repair can improve and help smooth the type of denting we see with acne scarring.

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