Aquaphor Alternative for Fraxel Repair After Care?

I am currently booked to have Fraxel Repair in 2 weeks on my face. I had CO2 Laser done before for my acne scarring. Now I want Fraxel Repair for my acne scarring and my melasma. I have read that the after care use of aquaphor can cause milia; I'm already suffering from that skin issue. Can I use another product after Fraxel in order to avoid any more of the milia? Thanks for your help and time.

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Fraxel re:pair; Cutagenix as an Alternative to Aquaphor

Hi Lee,

Patients who have a history of acne are more prone to developing "white head" out- breaks following Fraxel re:pair and the use of Aquaphor.

There is a product, Cutagenix, that is an after laser oxygen containing foam that I have been using on my patients. There is much less (or no) breakouts, and healing is a bit accelerated. It is certainly a lot less messy. Patients still use Aquaphor at night for its excellent moisturizing qualities.

Cutagenix is expensive. I pay ~$200 per cannister. Ask your physician to order it for you. Good luck and be well.

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