Fraxel Re:pair- Acne Scars Comming Back?

I am planning to get Fraxel Re:pair laser treatment for my acne scars. One of my friends from school told me that "do not expect too much from doing Fraxel. Even if you get the result you want by luck, which is like 50% reduction to the scars at most, just wait and see your scars coming back to you 1 to 2 years later." Is this true? Does the effect wear off? I don't understand it... since Repair is ablative type, doesn't that mean the effect is permanent?

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Fraxel Re:Pair treatment for acne scars is very effective

Improvement in the appearance of acne scars after Fraxel Re:Pair treatment happens because of skin tightening and new collagen formation giving a smoother , more even surface and textural improvement.There is also improvement in color - decreased redness and better match of brown tones in the skin. Usually the targeted degree of improvement is 50% with a single treatment. How long the various aspects of improvement may last varies depending primarily on sun exposure. However, when a thin scar thickens and now is flat or a raised scar thins to become flat , these improvements are as permanent as can be achieved.There are conditions that can aggravate the improved scar, but absent those conditions, the improvements will persist.

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Acne scar treatment with Fraxel laser

The degree of improvement with Fraxel laser depends on the severity of acne scar. The range is 50-75% improvement, which will make your skin look smoother and more even. 

The results should persist unless the patient loses a lot of weight or has a health change resulting in significant change in body weight. With aging and thinning of the skin over many years some of the scars may become more visible. 

Susan Goodlerner, MD
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