Fraxel Repair on Acne Red Mark???

Hi,I'm 17 years old and I have a lot of acne red marks on my cheeks and i would like to know if fraxel repair would do the trick to get rid of them, since nothing else seems to, they really not that severe, but no that mild either, and i'm in a hurry to get rid of them since i have an event in about a month from now and i heard that you only need one treatment to see the results!! Thanks

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Treatment for Red Acne Scars?

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Hi Amanda.  If you had more time, we would almost certainly recommend a pulsed dye laser since these are the gold standard for vascular conditions such as red acne scars.  It may take more than one visit though and I am not sure if you have the time.  

A fractional laser like Fraxel can help, but it also may not clear up the issue completely in one visit.  Unfortunately nothing can be guaranteed especially if you are getting more acne.  Fraxel is best for textured (bumpy) acne scars so if you have some of those it may be a good idea for you.  Good luck.

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