Fraxel Repair - Treat Neck Scarring with Cortisone Injections?

I Had Fraxel Repair 3-1/2 Weeks Ago. I Appear to Be Getting Significant Scarring on my Neck, thick lines which appear to be running directly over tendons or sinews. My neck literally looks like I am a burn victim. My doctor has said this is unusual, but fixable, and he is treating them with cortisone injections. Does this sound right? I'm very scared. Also, my skin (especially on the neck where the scars are coming up) is tight and painful, and I am still so red that any kind of mineral makeup does not sufficiently cover it up. Thoughts? Reassuring comments? Please help!

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Neck Scarring After Fraxel repair

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Hi Sydney,

Have your treating physician refer you to a burn care specialist for another opinion on the treatment of your scarring.  Hopefully your neck skin will heal well without any permanent damage.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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