Fraxel Repair on 20 mj, will that do anything for my acne scars?

I'm a 20 year old female with shallow to moderate acne scars. 6 days ago I was treated with the Repair set on 20 mj. If i remember correctly, a doctor on realself mentioned that 70 mj is the standard setting for acne scars. Now I'm feeling really frustrated that I wasn't more inquisitive. She also missed a small area of scarring that I definitely wanted treated. It's fair to say that I feel quite bad about the whole ordeal. Can I expect any improvement with such a low setting?

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Fraxel Repair for Scars

There is no "Standard Setting" for acne scarring.  In fact 70mj is the highest setting on the repair.  You might see some results at 20mj but might need a second treatment at higher energy settings.  Remember that the risks of side effects also increase at higher energy settings.

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