Can Fraxel Be Used to Remove Scarring Caused by a Flare of Lupus Discoid?

I was left with some scares on my face after a flare of Discoid Lupus aome 17 years ago. The disease in now totally under control and i take no medication for it - just daily sun screen. I would like to remove the dark spots on my face - have tried chemical peeling and micro-needling but see no obvious results. Can I use Fraxel laser or will it make it worse? Is there any other treatment that can help me? Thanks

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Dark spots or scars can be improved with Fraxel and other lasers

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Scars from any cause can be improved with Fraxel Re:Store ( which doesn't require downtime for wound care ) or Re:Pair ( which requires 7 - 10 days of wound care ). Multiple treatments are usually needed with either laser but the Re:Pair usually requires fewer treatment sessions. If the scars are brown the alexandrite laser will help remove brown pigment. If they are red the V-Beam will help 

San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon

Fraxel for scars.

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Love to see a picture of the scarring.  Fraxel is a relatively superficial delivery of injury whereas Profractional FX can delivery energy much deeper in areas of skin that need it.  There is potential that skin injury could exacerbate lupus, but this is highly unlikely with your condition clear for 17 years.  The concept with fractionated laser treatment is careful removal of old scar which encourages the surrounding skin to repond by repairing and returning to more normal appearance.  It works.

Steven Swengel, MD
Los Gatos Dermatologic Surgeon
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