Fraxel or Profractional Treatment for Thin, White Scars?

I'm a 20 year old female and a couple of years ago damaged by left thigh by using a razor. There are approximately 10 thin scars scattered across my upper left thigh. You can really notice them under certain lighting which is effecting my self esteem. I have had two consultations one for Fraxel treatment and the other for Profractional treatment.

I'm very confused and wondering which would be most appropriate. I have read about Profractional and now worry that maybe this treatment might be to strong for these scars.

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ProFractional for the treatment of white scars

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I have recently looked into the use of the Sciton ProFractional Laser to treat scars and stretch marks. Although there is not yet great literature proving the efficacy of the ProFractional Laser in the treatment of scars there is a lot of buzz from colleagues that are using this platform. The advantage of the ProFractional laser is that it allows for more control depending on the pathology. For example the doctor can decide how deep into the dermis the laser ablates, how dense of pattern it covers and how much coag or heat is delivered. All are important variables. I would give the Sciton ProFractional another look because it allows for more control of your treatment.

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