Fraxel or Pixel for Slightly Sagging Jowls?

I'm 20 with overall good skin except for some minor hyperpigmentation from old acne. However, I do have some sagging from my rapid weight loss. I have thick skin which probably just made it worse. I've had the nasolabial folds and 1 marionette line filled in with Juvederm, but there is a tiny jowl on one side of my face. It's barely there but still bothers me. Is this something that can be addressed with any of the Fraxel or Pixel lasers? Also, is there any reason why half of my face would sag more?

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Try Thermage.

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You are awfully young to be doing anything, and I have not seen any impressive results with Fraxel or Pixel.

If you must try something, we have seen lots of good results with Thermage in New York, IF it's done properly. Thermage is safe, and there is no anesthesia, no recovery, and no scar. It can be particularly good for tightening the jaw line.

It's not at all unusual to have more sagging on one side of the face than on the other.

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