Will Fraxel Help for Heat Sensitivity?

I was treated for breast cancer in October 2008. It's been 5months since my last chemotherapy and I have noticed my cheeks and nose seem very reactive to heat as in they turn red. Do you think Fraxel laser would help?

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Fraxel; Will It Help Heat Sensitivity Redness of the Cheeks and Nose?

Hi Pixie Dust,

Redness of the cheeks and nose is usually due to increased superficial vascularity. Fraxel re:pair laser effectively treats the superficial and deeper layer of the skin ( up to 1.6 mm deep).

It has been effective at treating red discolorations on the face and nose in many patients. Whether it would work in your individual case is difficult to answer. At worst, you would look years younger, and your skin would have improvement in it's tightness, texture, color, and tone.

You are in my prayers for a complete remission and cure of your breast cancer. Be well.

Dr. P

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