Fraxel Doctor Recommendation in the Netherlands?

I live in The Netherlands and I was wondering if this Fraxel Repair treatment is available here. Another question is: Why can't the traditional CO2 (not fractional) laser not be used on the neck and bust area?

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Only one in the Netherlands: Puck Straathof Health & Beauty

Hi Chrisje,

Hello in the Netherlands! I didn't know that my emails went that far (just kidding).

Traditional CO2 lasers remove the entire skin surface of the treated area. This worked well on the face, but usually resulted in hypopigmentation (lighter skin)and prolonged erythema. Neck and chest skin are thinner, and it was found to develop significant scarring after treatment with the traditional CO2 laser.

Here is the only Fraxel physician listed in your country:

Puck Straathof Health & Beauty
Dr Luc Vandenitte and Dr. Serfuei Volodine
Park Nabiji 6
Den Haag, EG2491

You can visit their web site via locate a doctor. I do not know whether they have restore or repair. Good luck.

Dr. P

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