Fraxel: Would It Take a Month for the Different?

I had Fraxel laser last Friday. It's red and swelling in the first 3 days. After that, my face skin was peel off but seem no different of my acne scar. It's look same as before the laser treatment. Is there any wrong? I have been told that it would take about a month for skin to build up the collagen to treat my skin where it was activated by the Fraxel laser. Should I take collagen or any vitamin? Sorry that my English is not so good.

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Ablative laser is excellent for the treatment of Acne Scarring, but you must be the right skin type. Ie not dark skin.

The post laser recovery time depends on the depth the laser penetration into the skin. Collagen build up occurs over 6 month with most of it completed in 3 months.

You have intra-dermal swelling so it will be difficult to see any changes this early. How deep did the laser go? where you given an anesthetic?

By mouth pills will not help.

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