Fraxel for Ethnic Skin Treatments

Hi my question is which of these Fraxel is best for dark skin "mexican" in treating pigmentation, wrinkles and will Fraxel thighten the skin
I'm asking because I know that dark of asian skin are sensitive to any treatments. Thank You

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Mexican and Other Ethnic Skins - Risks with Fraxel and other lasers

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Ethnic skin, in general, tends to be more sensitive to heat-based procedures. That means you are highly likely to respond to the heat of laser with what is termed "post inflammatory hyper pigmentation" (called PIH).

Having to deal with a new problem that is caused by a "cure" can be frustrating. Which is why, these days, you see so many different types of treatment devices that are much less risky for people with darker skin.

You CAN select laser, but there is a process that helps minimize pigmentary reactions which you must begin before the treatment itself. Prepping with hydroquinone is one method, since it tends to lessen the sensitivity of your pigment cells (temporarily).

Radio frequency devices and micro needling are friendlier to skins that have this high risk. If you are even only partly Asian, Hispanic, Southern European or have African or Middle Eastern genes, you have skin that can more easily suffer PIH.

A board certified dermatologist is well versed in skin response, and one who routinely treats multiple skin types and colors will have a variety of technology to safely treat your skin.

As to skin tightening, Fraxel is not meant to tighten skin, but you may see some slight level of firming due to new collagen.

Fraxel can be used on ethnic skin but risk of hyper/hypo pigmentation is greater

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Fraxel can be used on ethnic skin. There is, however, greater risk hyper/hypo pigmentation. It is important to follow pre and post treatment skin care guidelines, such as avoiding the sun and using gentle cleansers. Sometimes, the use of a fading cream before the treatments.

Sanusi Umar, MD
Redondo Beach Dermatologic Surgeon
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Darker skin, ethnic skin, fraxel, tightening

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In general, darker skin (types IV-VI) have a greater risk hyper/hypo pigmentation from laser treatments. An experienced laser specialist will be able to determine and select the settings that ultimately lower the risks associated with the treatment. In our practice, where we have large Asian, Hispanic and African American population, we have successfully treated many cases using the Fraxel restore laser. This laser does not tighten very much but it is the safer choice of lasers (Fraxel)

Fraxel in darker skin types

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Fraxel can be safely done in people with darker skin types.  I would recommend the Fraxel restore over the repair, because there is less of a risk of discoloration with the restore.  You will also need to be very careful to avoid the sun before and after your treatment, and your doctor will have you use certain creams to minimize your risk of discoloration.  The restore does not tighten the skin, however.  The repair can cause some skin tightening, but both are mainly skin smoothing/resurfacing treatments.

Jordana S. Gilman, MD
Washington Dermatologic Surgeon

Fraxel can be done on ethnic skin

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It is important to be on a strict pre and post treatment skin care protocol, but in general, Fraxel can indeed be done on ethnic skin. The dermatologist will adjust your settings appropriately and of course insist on sun avoidance, but the general answer to your question is yes you can be treated.

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