Fraxel Left Me with a Big, Discolored, Wrinkled Patch of Skin. Why?

I had fraxel treatment for acne scars in April 2010. After healing, a dark brown, scaly, wrinkled patch appeared on my forehead. Every few weeks it peels off, and the skin grows back dark and wrinkled. This has been going on since April! I went back twice and the doc says she doesn't know what it is. I am desperate. Have tried retin-A, triluma, hydroquinone, but nothing helps.

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Dark brown patch after Fraxel

There are times that subclinical undiagnosed conditions are discovered when a treatment is done to the skin surface. Especially when a treatment is done all over the face and only one area reacts in a certain way, that may be cause for the physician to look at that area carefully for an underlying reason of the unusual reaction. There are inflammatory and other conditions that are not caused by laser but would have continued to develop into visible lesions given enough years but the exogenous treatment such as Fraxel laser might bring it out to the surface earlier. See a board certified dermatologist. They may suggest doing a tiny biopsy to see if the dermatopathologist can determine what the lesion is.

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