Blister After Fraxel

i had recently about 4 months ago had a fraxel lazer treatment for my face. After having the treatment i had a blister on my face which began to emit puss and was fairly large. Eventually the blister went away but their is still reddness their. Not the end but what should i do.

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Redness after Fraxel blister

Redness is common after inflammation as new blood flow is used by the body to help bring in immune blood cells to help heal the area. Once the inflammation subsides, the blood flow often decreases but the vessels may persist.  The v-beam laser treats this redness very easily but it may take a few sessions.

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Post Fraxel Red Area

Hi ric,

You should visit your treating physician for evaluation and advice on treating the area.  V-beam laser and sometimes IPL treatment can help with redness.  Good luck and be well.

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