Which Fraxel Laser Works Best for Trauma Scars on Arm 10-15 Years Old?

I have scars on arm for 10-15 years now that were due to traumatic accident. Some of the scars look stretched out while (most) others are very small, but they all are very light (white) in color. I have light olive skin. Which Fraxel laser (restore or repair) would work best to lessen visibility?

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Scars on arm

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Fraxel REpair might be too risky for the arm as scars may result from the treatment. Fraxel Restore is more safe off the face, but still has a risk to cause a darkening in pigmentation. See an experienced laser specialist and consider a test spot prior to treating the whole area and waiting a month to see what happens with the coloration.

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Best Fraxel Treatment for Mature Scar on Arm in Olive Skinned Patient

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Fraxel restore series would be best to start treating mature arm scars in olive skin.  Have 4 to 6 treatments every 3 to 4 weeks.  I would reserve Fraxel repair treatment if the restore did not give you enough improvement.  There is greater risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation with repair in darker skin.

Good luck and be well.

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