Can fraxel laser work on hypertrophic acne scars? Or make it more rise than before? Co2 laser first then fraxel afterwards?

I'm an asian girl, and my nose left 5 tiny pit acne scar which are raised with normal skincolour. I consulted a dermatologist, he recommends co2 laser- dermabrasion in order to take away some raised tissue of the scar, he would make my scar a little bit concave, then do injection to control the growing of the skin, so that the new scar won't raise again. Because the downtime of co2 is long and my scars are not so obvious now, I worry after the laser they would be worse than do nth on it.

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Acne scars and Asian Skin

Asian skin is very delicate and requires different lasers than just Fraxel.  Please consider the eMatrix laser which might be better for your scars.  For the best cosmetic results please consult a board certified dermatologist with experience in these lasers and your skin type.

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