Fraxel Laser Vs Velashape for Stretch Marks on Arms?

I got stretch marks on my arms during my pregnancy. Do I have a better chance at removing them with the Fraxel Laser or with Velashape combined with Triniti skin series?

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Removing stretch marks on the arms with Fraxel or Velashape

This is quite a difficult problem to treat and it is extremely questionable if you would gain any measurable success. I'm not sure that Fraxel Restore would be useful and Fraxel Repair (the CO2 ablative laser) would likely not heal well on arms. Velashape would have no impact on reducing scar tissue.

If you understand what has happened with stretch mark formation you have a better grip on why it is so hard to improve. Stretch marks occur when there is a breakdown of tissue. The connective cells essentially "tear apart". Because you can't restitch those fibers, you can't make a scar disappear.

At this time, a number of physicians, myself included, are monitoring the success of the Fraxel lasers on stretch marks on the abdomen. Fractional laser will give some minimal improvements on white stretch marks, but there is nothing that will eliminate them.

If your scars are recent, you may find that a good moisturizer is your best friend. Keeping the skin well hydrated prevents undue tension on already damaged skin.

I wish I could say that one or the other was a fix, but in all honesty I think waiting for more tested results is your best tact if you wish to try laser. It would likely at this point be money spent for a near imperceptible improvement.

Refrain from tanning. If you don't tan your skin, the white marks will be less obvious. Stretch marks don't tan so any tanning or sun exposure will call more attention to them.

The triniti series is a combination of procedures with Syneron systems. The Fractional component is intended to promote collagen restoration and smoothing, but that is not enough to rid your skin of stretch marks.

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