Fraxel Laser Treatment Old Acne Scars: Varying Costs

I am planning on having Fraxel Laser treatments for old acne scars. What do you think of Fraxel, and why are the costs so varied? The doctor explained that there are two different treatment plans. One of them requires more visits, but the downtime is only a few days each time. The other requires one or two visits, but the downtime is about 2 weeks and you look pretty hideous during the healing. We agreed that I should do the former. The cost quoted to me was $1500/visit, and it will be done by a doctor, not a technician or a nurse.

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As always, it is best to do your homework

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There are many explanations for your question, but I cannot be sure I am giving the correct answer, so you need to do some more homework. Ask the following:

1. It sounds like they are describing both Fraxel Restore and Repair as options. Make sure you are getting what you want. Restore has only 1-3 days of dryness and swelling, and is non-ablative so in some states it may be deligated to an assistant under supervision. Repair, however is ablative resurfacing and SHOULD ONLY BE DONE BY A QUALIFIED DOCTOR. Make sure you understand the difference. Repair downtime is 5-10 days depending on the setting, but 1-2 sessions is all that necessary.

2. What are all the costs? Make sure their are no additional charges for anesthesia for the Repair, products to be purchased, etc.

3. Prices vary around the country, but authentic Fraxel Restore is usually $800-1200 per session, and 3-6 needed. Fraxel Repair cost is $2500-5000 per session depending on the locale and the aggressiveness of settings. Only 1-2 needed.

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