How Long Should I Wait After Fraxel Laser to Have Restylane?

How Long Should I Wait After Fraxel Laser to Have Restylane?

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How Long after Fraxel can I have Restylane?

Hi Rose.  There is no single, simple answer to your question.  It is based on physician preference and experience.  In our practice, we wait at least 2 weeks after any laser resurfacing procedure before performing injecting Restylane.

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Juvederm can be injected a couple weeks after Fraxel.

As long as the swelling is gone you should be good to go on the Juvederm.  I generally recommend two wekks just to be on the safe side.

Patricia Farris, MD
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I would wait 2 weeks after Fraxel before doing Juvederm.

Thank you for your question.

Simply put, you should wait about 2 weeks after your Fraxel treatment before doing Juvederm. This is mainly because you would likely want to wait for all the possible swelling to settle down, and for the effects of the Fraxel to be fully realized before doing the injection. Although Fraxel effects are continual for several months after the treatment as the collagen remodels, some significant effects may be noted in some patients within the first 2-4 weeks.

Hope this helps!

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