Will fraxel laser treatment even show effective results in my case? (photo)

Due to a lot of squeezing on my nose in highschool + genetics I have extremely large pores. Many people say this, but my case is very severe. I don't see too many people even on the Internet with the level I'm dealing with. I'm only 24 and It's affected my social life and self confidence. I don't squeeze at all anymore and i use the ocm method + pore reducing serums but nothing seems to help. My last option seems to only be laser treatment. I want to know if it will help my case... :(

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Treating Pores

Minimizing the appearance of pores is an age old problem.  If topicals have failed and now your pores are so large that they appear like scars then Fraxel or Clear and Brilliant (mini-Fraxel) could be a good option for you.  It would take several treatments for treat these pores.  Please consult a board certified dermatologist with experience with these lasers and acne treatment.  

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What Can I do About Really Extensive Large Pores on my Nose?

Tough problem. Ablative or microablative CO2 lasers may help, however, it is known that the pore opens up wider below the surface, so that does not necessarily help. Shrinking the pores by turning off the sebaceous activitywith Accutane may be of value to you, in addition to using oil reducing topicals like benzoyl peroxide and retin-A. I suggest you see a good dermatologist who could determine if this would be appropriate in your case.

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