Fraxel Laser to Tighten Small Patch of Ab Skin?

Hi! I am very fortunate with slow aging in the face and neck area, but need some skin on my body tightened. I was overweight growing up and my skin was stretched early on.

I am lean and fit now at 41, but have some wrinkling ab skin. Would Fraxel Laser help with a small patch of skin in the middle of my abs. This seems to be thin and stretched skin. Thanks!

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Abdomenal Skin Excess, What is Best Treatment?

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Hi Iron Siren,

For what ails you I would advise radiofrequency energy treatments instead of Fraxel. Fraxel re:pair does shrink skin on the face, but the energy levels needed to shrink skin on the abdomenal skin with CO2 laser would create burns and scarring.

Accent XL is a good treatment to tighten excess skin. Recently, Steven Weiner, MD in Florida has shown some before and after treatments with Thermage that looked impressive.

Be well.

Dr. P

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