Best Time to Have Fraxel for Scar Removal After Surgery?

There is a lot of conflicting advice on the Internet. Will the results be better the laser treatment for scar removal is done soon after surgery, or is it really better to wait a year? My scar is 3 months old and I was thinking of having Fraxel Laser.

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Timing for Fraxel laser and scars

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A fresh scar typically responds better to laser treatments than an older mature scar.

Studies have shown that treating a scar at 6 weeks will provide the best results. At this stage, the scar usually is slightly raised and red in color. I will combine Fraxel treatments to smooth out the scar and concomitant KTP (vascular laser) to help reduce the redness in the scar. Three to 5 treatments every 3 to 5 weeks are ideal. Its certainly not too late to begin at 3 months.

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