Skin Tightening with Fraxel Restore?

I just had 1 treatment of Fraxel Laser for acne scars, pigmentation, and loose skin. However, she has stated that to tighten the loose skin on my cheeks and jowls, all she does is increase the kilojoules or pulse on the laser.

I have read on the web that different Fraxel lasers are used for skin rejuvenation and skin tightening. Will the treatment with the Fraxel Laser she is using do both?

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Fraxel Re:pair vs. Re:store

Greater tightening is expected with Fraxel Re:pair than with Re:store. Acne scars often do respond very well to a series of many Re:store treatments. There may be cumulative tightening with this many treatments, but the Re:pair laser does create more downtime and may induce more tightening from that one treatment.

The Re:pair is not designed to be given as one treatment, maybe a repeat many months or a year later, but not every couple or few weeks as the Re:store is used. Both do work well on pigmentation as well, but if the skin is very very loose, neither will be the same as a face lift, and the Re:store would not tighten such loose skin enough, and possibly not the Re:pair either.

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