Fraxel Laser Side Effects

What are the Fraxel laser side effects that happen most often that I need to make sure to ask my doctor about before starting the Fraxel Restore treatments?

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Fraxel side effects

The Fraxel Re:store is a relatively safe treatment but all treatments have their risks.

Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (darkening), pain during the treatment is a given but tolerated especially with the use of a numbing cream, IF someone is susceptible to cold sores, they may develop one or more as a result of the trauma of the laser so they may take the antiviral oral medication prophylactically through the treatments.

Scarring is rarely, if ever, seen. Failure to improve is a possibility. An exacerbation of acne can flare.

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Fraxel is safe and effective

Any time you have any type of laser there are risks involved. Depending on your skin type the risks will vary. Talk to your doctor regarding the specific risks involved with your skin type. Risks involved with Fraxel are pigmentation changes, scarring, blistering, and infection. Fraxel is safe and effective with experienced physicians. Good luck with your research.

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