What is Likely to Cause Bad Fraxel Laser Results?

Which is more likely to cause damage from Fraxel Repair: the laser itself, the settings, or the practitioner? Does the pressure applied by the practitioner also make a difference or contribute to bad results from Fraxel Laser?

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Best way to ensure great results with Fraxel Repair

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The best way to ensure great results is to

1. seek advice from a Board Certified Dermatologist

2. The Dermatologist should be doing the procedure (not delegating to staff, i.e. nurse)

3. The Dermatologist should have done at least 50-100 cases.

4. Look carefully at all the doctor's before and after photos. Make sure the lighting, camera angles, and shadows are the same. Patients in the photos should not be wearing any makeup.

5. you should feel comfortable with your doctor. If you feel like there is something wrong, don't do it.

I hope this helps. Take care, Dr. Groff

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