Series of Treatment for Best Fraxel Results?

Can I expect good results from just one Fraxel treatment, or is it imperative that I have a series of treatments?

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Fraxel...Single or Multiple Rx...Want to Look 10 Years Younger or 10 Days Younger?

Hi Alice,

It depends which Fraxel treatment you have. If you want to look years younger, choose Fraxel re:pair which is the most effective clinically proven fractionated carbon dioxide laser available.

A single re:pair treatment takes years off of your appearance. Patients who have a second re:pair treatment really look great, but of the first 100 patients that I have treated, only 3 have had multiple treatments. Usually one does the trick..

A single Fraxel re:store treatment (Erbium laser) will not show much of a result. There is less downtime, but re:store requires 4 to 6 sessions to get minimal results compared to re:pair.

Go to the link below to see a patient treated with Fraxel re:pair on the Learning Channel Show, "10 Years Younger".

Be well.

Dr. P

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