Does Fraxel Laser Makes Scars Worse?

I've had four laser treatments so far. The first three at 7/50 and the last one at 8/50. It appears the scarring has gotten much worse than before but I'm not sure what result I should be seeing. This has been the same after every treatment and I hate to say this but everytime I mention it, I get told that it may take up to 10 treatments. I feel like they are just after more and more money.

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Fraxel and scars

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I have only had one patient that said their scar looked deeper and they only had one scar. I did not continue the Fraxel, not being able to explain if this was related to the Fraxel or for some other reason. If you see that the scar looks worse each time, it is worth waiting a while without continuing as we know that more collagen is produced after the procedure for several months. You might then see improvement at which time you would feel comfortable to proceed with more treatments

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