How Long Do Fraxel Results Last?

I just had my first of four Fraxel treatments a week ago and my face looks so good. I keep thinking I'm going to wake up and my face is back to the way it was. It looks so smooth and fresh. I can only imagine what it will look like after 3 more treatments. Is Fraxel really that good? How long will the results last?


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Fraxel has good long-term effects

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Fraxel is a wonderful treatment for certain aging related changes on the skin as well as other conditions. I would love to know what your primary reason for having the Fraxel in the first place was. If you are 1 week post Fraxel, some of the "good results" may be a temporary swelling of the treated areas. This may subside. However, there are many published studies showing that Fraxel does improve certain age related changes in the skin long term. Results of Fraxel can last a significant amount of time if you are diligent about sun proctection and caring for your skin.

Oakland Dermatologic Surgeon

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