Why Did Fraxel Laser Give Me a Rash?

Why would Fraxel leave me with several small red bumps (rash) on both sides of my face for two weeks to present?

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Fraxel rash

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Hi Monica,

I am assuming that you had the non-ablative Fraxel restore treatment.

After treatment skin care lotions and creams may be causing the bumps. You should consult with you treating physician in person for evaluation of the bumps and treatment.

Be well and good luck.
Dr. P

Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Bumps after Fraxel

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After treatment with Fraxel re:store, some people notice a flare of acne or the appearance of little bumps. This can be a result of the treatment itself or the very emollient creams that are used for the aftercare.

Talk to the physician who treated you. Usually these bumps can be treated and are short-lived.

Jordana S. Gilman, MD
Washington Dermatologic Surgeon

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