Fraxel Laser for Raised White Scars?

I have a small (a little over 1 inch wide, and a half centimeter in width) light-colored slightly raised scar on the inside of my forearm from a self-inflicted cut.

Although it is not that hideous but is a little embarrassing. I saw a dermotologist and she suggested 3 - 5 sessions of Fraxel would make an improvement.

Is that the best treatment? What is typically the best treatment for cutting scars? If my scar is light and color and smooth in texture now would I make my scar more unsightly by using the Fraxel treatment? Thanks!

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Fractionated Co2 laser probably the best treatment for this type of scar

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 It appears that the scar is slightly raised and spread.  I would recommend a fractionated Co2 laser in this setting as the preferred treatment as it is more ablative than the erbium and likely to give more improvement to the texture of the scar.

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