Fraxel Laser for Olive Skin

Hi I'm a 30 year old male in the area and interested in repair for some fine lines and discoloration, but a few questions first?

I am half Mediterranian/ half Irish. My skin tans easily, burns sometimes... Is quite white in the winter but still retains an olive hue.

1. What Skin type would I be considered on the Fitzpatrick scale?

2. What levels would I be treated at?

3. How effective would this treatment be being treated at this level?

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Fraxel Repair: Consider amount of downtime you can undergo

Your Fitzpatrick skin type sounds like type III or II. To get a more precise estimate (an oxymoron), go to {link below} and answer the questions that include genetic disposition, reaction to sun exposure, and tanning habits.

The levels would be determined after examination of your skin and discussion of the degree of intensity (light vs. aggressive) that you want, and the amount of downtime that you are prepared to undergo.

The Fraxel re:pair laser treatment is very effective. I am quite confident that your treatment would be effective once your individual settings were established (after consultation). As a young man, your skin should respond extremely well to the Fraxel repair laser. Be well.

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