Fraxel for Redness and Hypopigmented Acne Scars?

I have white marks on the neck from past acne scarring, along with redness. This area is also still blemish prone. Is Fraxel a possible solution for these problems?

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Acne and Treating Scars and Redness

Since your redness is still ongoing I suggest that you consult a dermatologist about first getting the acne under control.  The redness can be treated with the V-Beam laser and the scars with the Fraxel laser. 

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Is Fraxel a good choice for redness and hypo-pigmentation?

If you are still experiencing acne, your first step is to find a regimen that keeps the breakouts under control.

Any laser treatment can cause an increased incidence of breakouts and you want to avoid this if possible with the right kind of preparation. The skin on the neck is fairly sensitive so you'll want your dermatologist to start you off on the least irritating of the topicals - or if indicated, you may find an oral antibiotic will be helpful.

White scars indicate a loss of pigment and the death of the cells that manufacture pigment. Redness calls more attention to the white areas.

To minimize the contrast, my first suggestion is to see if you can quell the redness. This may be from a soothing topical product or possibly from IPL - or both.

Fraxel (Restore) is an excellent laser treatment for depressed scars as it remodels the collagen and helps level the skin. But if your scars are flat, then the most effect you would get is a slight potential improvement in the pigmentation spread. But Fraxel will, in the interim, increase redness.

Hypo pigmentation is difficult to improve on a large scale. Because you have pigment cells that are no longer active, the only way pigment can be introduced is from adjacent cells and this can occur with Fraxel, but to a very limited degree.

See how IPL works for you. A single treatment will give you an idea if it will be effective for you. If not, or afterward, if it does, seek out some products that soothe the skin. Ingredients like licorice tend to reduce redness to sensitive skin. Also, some creams or lotions come with a slight green tint that will help camouflage redness.

If later you decide to attempt laser for pigmentation inducement, then also look into the positive benefits of phototherapy such as Omnilux which improves and hastens healing after laser treatments.

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