Would Fraxel or Any Other Laser Be Helpful to Reduce Mild Burn Scar Under Eye?

I have a mild burn scar from boiled water under the eye with a very slight change in pigmentation and indentation going up to just under the eyelash. Would fraxel help even out the pigmentation or indentation? I appreciate there is a risk with lasers, but I'm trying to establish is the risk greater with a mild burn around the eyes. As I don't want to make it worse. Can fraxel be used under the eyelash as the skin is very thin? Or are there other lasers that are better suited for burns there?

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Scar under eye

Without physically seeing you, it is difficult to determine the best plan of action. From what You are telling me, the CO2 DOT may be a suitable answer. This laser works extremely well with scar tissue and resurfacing.

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