How Many Fraxel Laser Treatments Before Results Can Show?

I had a consult with a dermatologist about Fraxel Laser treatments. She said that I would not see any results until after the second treatment. Do you agree with this statement. I wonder if she doesn't plan to go deep enough the first time. Thanks in advance.

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Your doctor is correct

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Fraxel works by stimulating your body to make more of its own collagen. This takes a while. I definitely agree with your doctor’s statement. Be patient, it’s a great treatment! Every patient is different, and fine lines and brown spots respond differently than acne scarring. Multiple sessions usually do involve higher energies after the first one or two treatments to be sure that you don’t respond in an unusual manner.

Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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That is correct information

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The doctor is giving you accurate info and you should be reassured that you have someone who is honest and knows what they are doing. Fraxel technology intentionally treats only 15% or so of the skin surface area at a time. That is why the down time is so minimal but is also why multiple sessions are required to get the endpoint results that are desired.

I tell my patients that at least 2 or 3 treatments are needed before you start to see improvement. It also depends what you are treating; pigment goes away faster than deep acne scars do for example. An occasional patient will swear they got improvement right from the first session, but it's unusual.

Bruce K. Barach, MD
Schenectady Plastic Surgeon
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Noticeable changes usually show after 4-6 treatments

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Since Fraxel is used for a variety of conditions including acne scars, enlarged pores, melasma or pigmentation, sun damaged skin and wrinkles, it really depends on what conditions are being treated.

The depth of treatment desired determines what the settings are especially with respect to the joules. For example, pigmentation is a more superficial process, therefore, lower joules are used. Acne scarring is a deeper process involving the collagen and requires higher joules to penetrate to the appropriate laser.

Remember that the nature of Fraxel is that a "fraction" of the skin is being treated at a time to decrease the amount of downtime and side effects. Therefore, only about 20-23% of the skin is being treated each visit. Although many patients feel some softening of the skin after one treatment and brightening, the true effects of fraxel are not realized until you reach 3,4 5 treatments, again depending on the condition that is being treated. Hope this helps.

Brenda Dintiman, MD
Fairfax Dermatologic Surgeon

Results noticeable after 2 Fraxel Re:store treatments

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Hi Cy,

Usually it takes 2-3 treatments with Fraxel re:store to see noticeable results.  I agree with your dermatologist.  Good luck and enjoy your refreshed skin.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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