Can Fraxel Laser Permanently Eliminate Scars?

I have few scars around the mouth due to a car accident. If so, how many sessions I need to attend?

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Fraxel can't eliminate scarring, but can help lessen it

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How many sessions of Fraxel it would take to improve your scars is dependent upon several factors

  • The depth and thickness of the scars
  • Your skin's ability to produce new collagen
  • The skill of your Fraxel physician
  • The particular Fraxel laser used -- Restore or Repair

There are no procedures which can guarantee full scar removal. I've had some very nice results with hypertrophic scars treated with the Fraxel Repair and sometimes that, plus some filler materials will minimize a scar to a very acceptable degree. If your scars are hypotrophic and are raised, you might do better with Kenalog injections to reduce their elevation.

Red scars can be treated with a vascular laser like GentleMax or Vbeam to "get the red out".

If you approach treatment with the expectation of improvement over eradication, you will prevent setting yourself up for disappointment. Scars are never identical to surrounding undamaged skin and expecting a full elimination of them is not realistic.

As with most advice you see on this site, seek out a well qualified physician who has multiple laser choices and is a skin expert. Some scars can be surgically minimized, in which case your best choice would be a plastic or cosmetic surgeon.

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