Delayed Fraxel Laser Side Effects?

I had Fraxel Laser treatments, my last was almost a year ago. I began noticing brown patches on my cheeks and forehead about 3 or 4 months ago. There is also a small one on my nose. Is it possible that the side effects of Fraxel may take a few months to appear?

I also started using a new moisturizer a couple of months before I noticed the brown patches. It is a bio cosmetic from Dr. Spiller, made in Germany. Could a cosmetic conceivably contribute to or cause the pigmentation? I have ordered Obagi to resolve the issue, but I am curious as to whether the Fraxel or my moisturizer caused it.

I also use Skin-medica SPF 30 sunblock religiously on my face as was recommended by my doctor, and I am fair skinned. I do have Native American in my background, but only slight. Thank you for any advice in advance.

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