Possible to Have Fraxel Laser After Having Silikon Injections?

I had one round of silikon injections back in 2003 and was to get Fraxel laser trmt in 2006 but was told I couldn't because of the Silikon. Something to do with the high heat and complications with the silicone and inflammation. Has that changed? Is there anyway to turn the heat down so it doesn't I guess melt the silicone? I have had so many trmts done to minimize scarring (dermabrasion twice, silikon and other lasers like cooltouch) Don't know what else to do to get rid of them.

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Fraxel Laser on Acne Scars Previously Injected with Silikon-1000

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One of the world experts in Silikon-1000 injections, Jay Barnett, MD (NYC), answered this question when I asked about the treatment of silicone patients with Fraxel laser. He assured me that patients injected with silikon-1000 can safely be treated with Fraxel lasers. I have treated a few silikon-1000 patients with Fraxel repair (fractionated CO2) without problems.

There can be late problems with silicone even without any other treatments or interventions. There is no guarantee that these same complications may not occur after a laser treatment.

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