Hypopigmentation 3 Years After Fraxel?

I did fraxel laser for acne scars 3 years ago.i have since used suncreen daily. i have noticed about 2 months ago the whitening of the chin area. it seems to be increasing. could this discoloration be as a result of the fraxel laser?

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See a dermatologist to rule out Vitiligo

I have never heard of delayed hypopigmentation after Fraxel.  Even with the CO2 laser (not fractionalized) which had delayed hypopigmentation, it occurred within 1 year of the treatment.  You might have vitiligo, a disease where the skin loses its pigment on its own.  I recommend you see a board certified dermatologist.

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Doubtful that Fraxel causes hypopigmentation

I am not aware of bonafide reports of delayed hypopigmentation from Fraxel Restore or Repair.  If there were some atrophic or scarred areas then lighter skin would be part of that condition. If you are only noticing it now, it may be unrelated. See a dermatologist to evaluate the lightening skin color as there are several possibilities.

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Hypopigmentation 3 Years After Fraxel


I am not aware of any reports of delayed hypopigmentation with true Fraxel laser treatments.  If your hypopigmentation is from Fraxel it is extremely rare.

You should return to your treating physician for evaluation, and to make sure that there is not a dermatological etiology for your hypopigmentation.  Good luck and be well.

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