Is Fraxel Laser or Accutane Better for Rosacea in Asian Olive Skin?

Hi, I have olive skin and have been on accutane for over a month for mild acne. Looking at pictures and descriptions online I summarised I had mild papules and erythema on areas covering the cheeks and noticable veins on my nose, which I guess is telangiectasia. I am planning to treat these when possible. Is there a good combination of treatments i can use? Is Fraxel laser for Rosacea in olive skin safe or should I continue with accutane to rid of it for good? I'm unsure if Accutane cures Rosacea. Any suggestions would be appreciated, Thank you.

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Rosacea and Fraxel

I have not read that Fraxel will help rosacea. Usually the telangiectases, or blood vessels, of rosacea are treated best by yellow light lasers such as the 595 nm. V-beam laser. IPL can also help. I have not found the V-beam or Fraxel to help in decreasing the red papules or pustules of rosacea. Those lesions are best treated by medical treatment, both oral and topical.

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Best treatment for rosacea is pulsed dye laser

It sounds like you are trying to compare apples to oranges. Accutane is used to treat nodulocycstic acne or very severe rosacea in some cases. It is a medical treatment which will not affect the redness and blood vessels. It is important for you to know that you should not have any laser treatments for 6 months to 1 year after your last accutane dose. There have been reports of scarring and problems healing that result if you perform the laser earlier.

In terms of laser treatment for blood vessels and redness, the pulsed dye laser (such as vbeam) is much more effective than fraxel. Fraxel does not specifically target the blood vessels. There are some reports of improvement, but your best bet is with a laser that specifically targets blood vessels. Good luck!

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