What is the Fraxel II?

I've been researching the different machines and there is a lot of discussion about the Fraxel Restore and the Repair but little to nothing on the Fraxel II. A local doctor has the Fraxel II, this is why I ask. Is it an older Fraxel that is no longer common?

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Fraxel II

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Dr. Shelton has summarized the various Fraxel lasers available today. A few years ago the original Fraxel restore was upgraded and some referred to the upgraded restore as Fraxel II.

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Fraxel lasers

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There are four Fraxel lasers. Refine found in spas, restore non ablative, repair ablative. The newest is an updated restore that has a second laser (1927 nm) designed to mimize brown spots and freckling, in addition to the 1550nm of the original restore. This rederred to theFraxel Dual as it has 2 lasers in one. Maybe that's what is being referred to as II but that is not a formal name.

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