Will Fraxel Help Skin Damage Caused by Sauna After Ipl?

I had 3 IPL a few weeks apart and the first two times the results were very good, however, after the 3rd treatment I had a sauna 2 days after. After that mys skin noticably went significantly worse with large open pores and what looks effectively like small dots on my skin. I don't know if it is my own fault and the sauna with the heat has caused trauma on the skin or whether its a reaction to the IPL that would have happened any way? Would fraxel help repair the scarring on the skin or make it worse?

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Wait it out

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In general saunas are very rough on the skin. Deceptively people think they help moisten and make the skin refreshed and replenished. What they actually do is dry out the skin and make it desperate for moisture. The sauna didn't affect your IPL and you don't need to do Fraxel. You don't have scarring, so there's no need to treat anything - you have excessive dryness which has exacerbated a form of heat rash. You need to get a tube of hydrocortisone from the pharmacy, apply cool water and this product to your skin for several days and several times a day, along with regular cooler showers and lotion. It will fix itself.

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