Is Fraxel Too Harsh for Mild Acne Scarring?

i have real mild acne scars not icepick or nothing like that just light brown, and ive been abble to get them lighter with photofacial, chemical peels and micro. so there really really light, they almost look like freckles but i want to get rid of them for good so is fraxel to harsh for me?

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Fraxel and acne scars

If you do not have depressions, but only postinflammatory hyperpigmentation from acne, then these are not considered scars but pigmentation side effects. Fraxel Restore or Dual can safely be used for what you describe by not usibg deep energies. It was designed for improvement in coloration.

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Fraxel for Mild Acne Scarring


Fraxel can be adjusted depended on the condition being treated and the patient's skin type.  We have had great success helping patients with mild acne scarring such as yours.  Choose your physician carefully.

Good luck and be well.

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