Does Fraxel really need to be done in a series?

I have had two Fraxel ReStore (the mildest method) 4-5 months ago. The lapse time between I had those two procedures was about 1.5 months. I understand that Fraxel needs to be done in series. So my question is should I do a third one in a month (that is the only time when I can take time off for recovery) or should I wait till when I have the time to do a series with much less time between again? Thank you!

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Sseveral types of Fraxel lasers

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There are now several types of Fraxel lasers. All of them with the exception of Fraxel Repair
often require more than 1 treatments,

Redondo Beach Dermatologic Surgeon
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Fraxel's benefit can be seen even when treatments occur sporadically

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There is a minimum number of days that should be allowed for one to heal after a Fraxel Restore treament before another treatment is done. As there is minimal downtime and success is greater with several treatments rather than one, the company suggested that patients undergo a series so that the results are seen sooner. however, the collagen is produced and not temporary so that treatment after treatment, regardless of how long apart, the newer collagen will build upon the last. Some people with very deep acne scarring can get wonderful results with many more treatments than the five or six that are done in normal series, so it does behoove people to have Fraxel every few weeks to capitalize on this benefit, especially if they eventually will have many treatments.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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